Hi, my name is Brittany.

I create online learning experiences and develop employee training solutions to help businesses close performance gaps.

Instructional Design

Quality instructional design is achieved through understanding the learner's needs while balancing the needs of the company or client.

I apply adult learning theories to create performance based objectives that align to company goals and use learning methodologies to design courses and training.

E-Learning Development

The pandemic has shown us the importance of being flexible when teaching customers and employees.

I create interactive learning experiences online to decrease employee skill gaps, improve customer connectivity, and achieve business goals!

Training and Onboarding

It is imperative that employees are well-trained from the start and throughout their journey with the company.

I have experience training new employees in my previous roles. I have also trained seasoned employees on how to use and integrate technology effectively in the workplace.

Infographics and Job Aids

Spreading knowledge and information quickly is important for any organization to function efficiently.

I create job aids, infographics, templates, and learning materials for businesses, employees, and consumers.